Basic blog post

The basic post provides a user friendly way to post an article with title, text and images. The presentation of the post in navigation menus, in summary lists and as a complete article  is fully automated.

Posts are published initially on the home page under recent blog posts but will disappear when replaced by more recent ones. They will be included in summary list on the main blog page. They will also appear in the category lists to which they have been assigned.

Textarea fields include a wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) text editor. Examples:

This is a header

  • This is an unorderd list
  • This is a link.
  • this is a table:
  • This is an image:
  • end of list

The following fields are available


The field Title is required and contains a short indication of the post. It is used to represent the post in navigation menus.


The field Headline is optional and contains a long indication of the post. It is used as full title in summary lists and in the full presentation of the article. If left empty the value of the field Title is used.


Each post can be optionally assigned one or more categories. This determines where the post will be published. If left empty the post will be displayed on the main blog page but not under a category. 


The field Article is required and contains the full text or body of the post. A "wysiwyg" text editor is available to facilitate the entry and markup of the text. This field is fully displayed on the single post page where the whole article with title, image and text are published.


The field Summary is optional and contains a summary of the article. It is used in summary lists and as a description of the article to be used by search engines.  If left empty the field is displayed as the the first 100 characters of the full article.


The filed Aside is optional and provides a means of giving short additional notes which are displayed in the sidebar of the single post page.


The field Images is optional, recommended and provides images for the post.  This image can be opened from the local device (computer, laptop, tablet etc.) or via "drag and drop" supplied. The first image can be automatically displayed in summary lists. If left empty a default image can be used for the summary lists. In the full article automatic display of the image or slideshow is optional.

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